The Weight Loss System

Created by Dr. Nona Djavid and her father Jay, the SoulScale Weight Loss System incorporates biology, physiology, and sound nutritional principles to help you lose 2-5 pounds* of unwanted fat each week – all without any risky drugs, invasive surgery, or starvation! SoulScale is a community resource center for optimal health and wellness where thousands of patients’ lives have been changed. We are dedicated to the creation of transformative experiences of vitality in our community.

The SoulScale Weight Loss System will help you identify the reasons you have struggled in the past and give you the accountability you need to succeed through lifestyle, weight loss and nutritional counseling. Dr. Nona Djavid has been awarded Top Doctor of the year for several years in a row from Orange Coast Magazine, and is well known in the community for helping thousands of patients with pain management, weight loss and overall wellness. Her Weight Loss Team has the training, experience, and knowledge to set achievable weight loss goals, teaching you the tricks of mastering a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

How Are We Different?

SoulScale is a unique physician-monitored program based on the science of losing weight, regulating blood sugar and elevating your metabolism. Using our nutrition-based protocol, patients can expect to lose 2-5 pounds* per week, restoring blood chemistry and body composition in a safe and healthy way.

What Can I Expect?

Each patient’s progress is monitored through weekly visits with a SoulScale Weight Loss Coach to ensure that fat loss is targeted while preserving all lean mass in the body. This unique approach burns unwanted fat and cellulite, while conserving muscle mass.

Our program is nutrition-based, which means that you will receive a customized nutritional program that includes our delicious protein-based foods and supplements, as well as specific daily guidelines to follow for meal preparation.

How Does it Work?

SoulScale foods / products are the cleanest available, and all of our products are vegetarian, many of which are 100% gluten-free and soy-free. We also believe that accountability is a key element to successful follow-through on any weight loss protocol, so all patients are assigned a weight loss coach to monitor their daily eating habits. Our program has even been successful in dramatically reducing cholesterol, lowering blood sugar levels, regulating blood pressure and helping patients permanently get off their medications.

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“Pure Joy!”

Knowing my weight loss is positively impacting a hungry child in need, is pure joy! Thank you SoulScale!

Rachel V.

Nona Djavid Weight Loss

Dr. Nona Djavid Clinical Director

Dr. Nona Djavid has helped thousands of people throughout the United States live healthier lives, through a very effective and scientific fat loss protocol she helped develop.

In 2011 after witnessing her parents’ battle with health issues including high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, and chronic fatigue, Dr. Nona decided to help combat their drug dependencies and poor quality of life by addressing the one common denominator – excess fat.

Dr. Nona’s SoulScale program targets the body’s own fat burning mechanism. Not only do patients lose unwanted fat, but more importantly lower their cholesterol, step back from the brink of diabetes, reduce inflammation, and greatly improve not only their self confidence, but their quality of life.

The SoulScale program’s success has been recognized throughout Southern California where SoulScale’s offices are located. Currently Dr. Nona is taking SoulScale online to help millions more benefit from this life-changing program.

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    * Disclaimer: Weight loss results may vary based on each person’s unique physical health, diet, activity, and adherence to the SoulScale Weight Loss Program. The weight loss results described in testimonials, slogans, or photos are not typical for every individual, nor are they guaranteed. Any statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This website, it’s content, our weight loss program or workshops are not intended to promise any specific outcomes, nor are they meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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