10 Things That Happened When You Drink Only Water

Benefits of waterOur bodies are 60 percent water, so it’s no surprise that fueling it with more H2O is a healthy choice. The problem is, we fill up with so much more. From the sugary coffee drinks for a caffeine kick to red wine with dinner, there are a number of drinks we’d rather reach for. So, I decided to spend a month to discover if the hype behind pure hydration is true. For 30 days, I drank only water while keeping my regular diet (mostly healthy, keto-based). Here’s what changed in one month…

Why Is Water Good For You?

  • Clearer complexion: Water helps rid your body of toxins and supports cell growth. The result? Glowing, hydrated skin.
  • Less bloat: Drinking plenty of water helps regulate your digestive system. You feel less bloated because water reduces the gas in your stomach.
  • Constant cleanse: Drinking water constantly will have your body flushing out toxins through its gastrointestinal tract (so make sure you have time for bathroom breaks).
  • Less joint pain: Water naturally reduces the discomfort we feel in our joints. By reducing inflammation, water helps your knees work more smoothly with less pain.
  • Sleep better: When you take out the soda, coffee, and alcohol, your body’s internal clock—or circadian rhythm – isn’t influenced by stimulants and you get better rest.
  • Less sugary cravings: Dehydration can cause cravings (especially for sugar), so keeping a water bottle nearby helps ward off the cookie cravings before they even hit.
  • Ate fewer snacks: The cue your body gives the mind when it is hungry versus thirsty is very similar. When you drink more water, your body sends less hunger cues to your mind so you snack less.
  • Saved money: Have you ever processed how much you spend on beverages each month? The average household spends $70 on soda, $47 on alcohol, and $92 on coffee each month. What type of weight loss plan could you invest in with an additional $209 each month?
  • Less groggy: Dehydration can make you feel drained and fatigued. If the 2 p.m. lull is creeping in, grab a glass of water and take on the rest of the afternoon.
  • Lost a few pounds: As you can imagine, cutting out the alcohol, between-meal snacks, and sugary cravings will trim your waistline in 30 days.

Give the challenge a try. For 30 days stick with your regular diet, but drink only water. Take before and after photos of your skin to really notice the difference.