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With a Purpose. 

At SoulScale, we offer one of the most scientific, effective, and manageable weight loss systems you’ve ever experienced. Developed by Dr Nona Djavid, this unique program targets your fat, while maintaining your muscle mass. That’s why most of our patients lose 2-5 pounds of fat every week – without starvation, questionable drugs, or invasive treatments.

But that’s not all. For every pound of fat you lose under the SoulScale system, we will donate $1 towards feeding hungry children around the world. The more weight you lose, the more children you’ll help feed.

Imagine that… losing weight not only means a healthier you, but hope for hundreds of hungry children who are counting on you to keep your commitment.

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Lose 2-5 lbs.
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If you don’t have a cause bigger than yourself, you won’t get beyond yourself.


Weight Loss

SoulScale™ is a unique weight loss program based on the science of losing weight, regulating blood sugar, and elevating your metabolism. Aside from providing safe weight loss, for every pound our clients lose, we provide a FREE nutritious meal to a hungry child anywhere around the world!

Using our nutrition-based protocol, patients can expect to lose 2-5 pounds per week* (depending on gender, diet, and unique physical health), and restore blood chemistry and body composition in a safe manner.

The Real

  • No Drugs
  • No Surgery
  • No Appetite Suppressants
  • No Starvation
  • No Calorie Counting
  • No Exercise
  • Maintain Muscle Mass
  • Weekly Weigh-Ins
  • Coaching / Support
  • Delicious Foods / Snacks
  • Feed a Hungry Child With a Nutritious Meal for Every Pound You Lose

“Best Decision”

Coming to SoulScale™ in Mission Viejo was the best decision I have made. I lost 31 pounds of fat, and maintained my muscle mass. Thank you so much!

Stacey R.

$100 in FREE FOOD!

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Nona Djavid Nutrition Coach

Dr. Nona Djavid
Clinical Director

Weight Loss Coach, Jay Djavid

Jay Djavid
Clinical Director

Want to Learn More? Attend Our FREE Workshop

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