From ‘Maybe’ to Model

Newport Beach NutritionistHere at SoulScale, our goal is to provide our clients with a program that will increase their health, decrease their weight, and soar their confidence.  We have had many success stories, including reversing diabetes, lowering cholesterol levels, and reducing or even eliminating their prescription medication.  Each story is different, but just as impactful.  The mere fact that we can help a person achieve their goals and boost their self-esteem is enough for us.  Not every story ends in reversing negative diagnosis’, but whatever their story is, it’s always enough to inspire us and motivate others.  This is why our business has been completely built on the foundation of word of mouth and referrals.  Tiera is one of our recent members that has encouraged several others and brought us joy! This week, we’ve decided to feature her story in her own words:

    “I am so happy I decided to join SoulScale!  All my life I’ve never been thin, but I’ve never been heavy enough to get too motivated to stick to a diet or plan.  Before SoulScale, I had tried every diet I could find, i.e. paleo, blood type diet, vegetarian, vegan, one meal a day, juicing, etc. and NOTHING worked.  I might lose 10 pounds max, but that 10 pounds didn’t stay off, especially since I wasn’t extremely faithful to each routine.  Without anyone telling me what to do, or encouraging me to make the right choices with words of advice, I was doomed for failure.  It wasn’t something that I necessarily felt would fit in my budget, but after seeing the numbers according to how much body fat I had and where the worst fat was stored (visceral fat), it scared me straight. 

    Because of SoulScale, I have people calling me skinny-a phrase that was never directed at me before!  Quite frankly, I don’t know how to take it, but I’m getting used to all the positive attention.  So far, I’ve lost about 18 pounds in 2 months and I’ve never felt better!  I started the program about a month before my wedding and I lost weight so quickly that I had to resize my dress the week before!  Even though it was a little last minute, I was happy to make the changes and you wouldn’t believe the compliments I received about my weight loss through the duration of my wedding. 

    The thing I love most about the program is how structured it is.  Like I said earlier, every program I had been on before was either so limiting, confusing, and/or I had no support.  Since starting SoulScale, I have received tremendous support from the weekly check ins, which keep me accountable and give me an outlet for questions, comments and concerns on a weekly basis.  Not only are the physicians supportive every time I check in, but I can contact them at any time with questions about how to “survive” an event or activity with temptations and/or how to navigate every day eating as well.  When you join SoulScale, you also get entered into a Facebook group called “SoulScale Tribe.”  Here, the members interact with one another, sharing recipes, struggles, and encouragement.  Never have I heard of something like that before!

    On top of the encouragement from the physicians and members, this program is structured with a meal plan.  This makes it SO MUCH easier for me to handle!  I am a hairdresser that makes my own schedule, builds my own clientele, and I am constantly networking.  There’s hardly a moment to pause in my life until it’s the end of the day.  With a lifestyle like this, having the ability to pull something prepackaged for me out of the fridge or cupboard and throw it together in less than 10 minutes is probably the reason I’ve been so successful with this diet plan. 

    I went from constantly weighing myself, continuously being cautious of what I ate with no real guideline of what the right things to eat were, and hating the way I looked in certain outfits and bathing suits to loving myself and loving my body!  Recently, I was approached at my salon to be a model in OC Fashion Week.  That’s right a MODEL!  Never have I heard those words uttered in a conversation about myself!  The clothes in my closet are fitting me in a whole new way, I’ve gained a certain level of confidence I’ve never had before, and I’m being called skinny!  This newly gained confidence has inspired me to pursue my dreams of being a pinup model-a phrase I never thought I would say.  Though I’m nervous to navigate these waters, I’m also excited to see what’s next!  There’s no more looking at the scale and hoping, just looking in the mirror and smiling.  I know that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this on my own.  Thank you SoulScale!”

Nona Djavid

Dr Nona

Founder, SoulScale

“I believe that health is a choice. Every decision impacts your health in either a positive way, or a negative way. From diet, thoughts, and beliefs, to how we take care of ourselves. We have a choice.”

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