3 Mindset Shifts That Will Help You Get Healthy:

Everyone knows to eat healthy and stay active to lose weight. Why is this concept so easy for some people, and extremely difficult for others? Of course, there multiple factors including emotions, habits, past experiences, values, etc. But the ONE thing that will positively impact you in reaching your ideal weight or in your journey to a healthier lifestyle is MINDSET. Below are three ways to create new habits in your journey:

What You Resist, Persists:

In the weight-loss world, “fear” is almost as bad of a word as “pudding”. We fear the scale. We fear the doctor. We fear shopping for clothes. We fear the camera. We fear being judged. The more fear we have, the more we retreat – and the harder it is to climb out of whatever destructive habits we have dug ourselves into.

Create New Habits:

For a while I slept in my gym clothes with my shoes next to the bed. I would wake up and the only thing I had to do was to put my shoes on, and drive myself to the gym. I did this for 30 days straight to create a new habit.

If your go-to stress response is to go to the fridge and grab something to eat, try this for 30 days: walk to the fridge and drink water instead. A lot of water. This way you are replacing old habits with healthier ones.

Change Your Language:

Do me a favor and whatever you do, DO NOT think about a blue tree. DO NOT think of a blue tree with blue leaves… I know. All you can think of is a blue tree. This is what happens when we keep saying “I don’t want to be Fat.” Try replacing it with: “I love being healthy” – and see what a difference it can make in your life.