5 Things in Your Bathroom That Support Weight Loss

For no other reason than because you have to, you’re in your bathroom on a daily basis. Roomy or cramped, piled high with laundry or shiny and sterile, it’s a room you can’t avoid.

As you take on the journey to lose weight with your Orange County weight loss coach, your kitchen isn’t the only space in your home that can support your weight loss. Sure, you have to clear out the secret stash of Girl Scout Cookies, but beyond that, you need to be prepared mentally. Your day – and your new opportunity at a healthy weight – begins in the bathroom. Here’s what you need to create success-driven surroundings.

  1. Notes Of Affirmation

Remind yourself of how powerful and determined you are with notes of affirmation on your bathroom mirror – or get fancy and frame them! On the mornings you’re not feeling motivated to stick with a healthy diet or the gym is one breath away from impossible, these notes will remind you of why you started your journey with an Orange County weight loss coach in the first place.

  1. Scale

Do not let the scale intimidate you. While it’s not something you need to get on every day, it will help keep you aware of how close you’re getting to your goal or what an awesome job you’re doing of maintaining your weight loss. Use it as a support tool, not a scare tactic.

  1. Toothpaste & Mouth Rinse

Wait…what? It’s true. Something you naturally have in your bathroom anyway can support your healthy eating habits.  After dinner, go into your bathroom and brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash. You’ll avoid eating afterward as the minty flavor makes most foods taste bad.

  1. Candles & Bubble Bath

Whether your body needs to recover from a strenuous workout, or your mind needs to decompress after being stuffed in a cubicle all day, a relaxing soak can ease the tension of both. Light your favorite candle and enjoy a hot bath instead of turning to chocolate cake or a bottle of wine.

  1. Water Cup

Start your day with a cup of water. Having one on hand in the first room you enter when you wake up will make it easy. Starting your day with cold water helps ignite your metabolism and burn calories – you’re ahead before you even get in the shower.

As you progress in your journey, talk with your Orange County weight loss coach about other ideas you can use to stay motivated.