Bethany’s Journey Back to Fitness

SoulScale has been known for efficient fat loss for the past 12 years. What you may not know is that we have specific programs for patients who are active on weekly basis, athletes, or those wanting to drop a few percentage of body fat. Bethany is a personal trainer. After her second baby, she gained 20 lbs. She had a higher muscle mass than an average person due to her background and regular workouts, but her body was not responding to exercise in dropping 20 lbs of fat efficiently. After much research she chose SoulScale over all other weight loss companies. She has been a success story from the beginning. She is beautiful inside and out and an amazing mom to two little ones. The biggest difference in the after photo is that certain feeling of confidence and glow! Read her story below:

“After my second pregnancy, I knew that I needed help losing my baby weight in order to get my body back to where it longed to be even before my first pregnancy (20lbs lighter).  I have never needed to lose that much weight before, so I began my search for an ideal weight loss program. Because my background is in exercise physiology and personal training, I knew how to get in shape through exercise and weight training; however, I wasn’t losing weight in fat pounds, so I didn’t “look” like I was getting into shape at all. I sat down with Lindora, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and SoulScale. I had followed “Eat Right for your Blood Type” for years before getting pregnant, and so I already knew that being in a slight state of Ketosis (especially for Blood Type O)was ideal for fat loss; therefore,  I had no issues going with either Lindora or Soulscale since both programs use a Keto based diet. I ended up choosing Soulscale because I was already a Chiropractic client of Dr. Nona, I didn’t have to check in everyday to test my ketone levels at the office by peeing on a stick (you can buy a home ketone test kit from CVS) while lugging around two kids, I couldn’t make a year long commitment , and it was cheaper!

The most important thing for me was to just lose the fat, and maintain the muscle. Dr. Nona said I had to stop Orange Theory and high intensity cardiovascular exercise until I reached my fat loss goal. I could still do yoga, weight training, and/or Pilates training which felt like an oxymoron to me. How could I possibly lose fat without doing crazy cardio in order to keep my metabolism high in order to burn fat all day long? Dr. Nona gently explained that when the body is in Ketosis, it is learning to use stored body fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. When you are ingesting less than 50grams of net carbs (including veggies) the body has to make that switch naturally. When I have a goal, I can be very self disciplined, and so I trusted the science behind the method of SoulScale. As I followed the diet plan, I began to lose an average of 2-3 lbs a week of fat. In the end, I went from 158lbs down to 141lbs, body fat percentage starting at 29% down to 20% percent in six weeks. The first 1-2 weeks are definitely a struggle while your body goes through Ketosis and a bit of a detox from not drinking alcohol (well my body did anyways), but after that you start to feel a different burst of energy, clarity of thought, and rosy complexion that people start to notice.

I am now in the middle of Phase 3 of SoulScale, and I am definitely going to stay with it until I finish the maintenance program. If you are anything like me and need help with the nutrition side of weight loss, please give SoulScale a try. If you follow the steps, you WILL succeed. Most importantly, you will LOOK like you succeeded too!!”