Beverages That Keep You From Losing Weight

Beverages and drinks to avoid for weight loss

Food isn’t the only battle you face when it comes to outrageous calorie count disguised in tastiness. The beverages we drink can be loaded with sugar. As you trek through your weight loss or better health journey, it’s best to avoid these drinks.

Chocolate Milkshake

While you probably could guess a chocolate milkshake won’t do your waistline any favors, did you know a 12oz. chocolate milkshake conceals upwards of 500 calories? Opt for a low-fat chocolate milk or small piece of dark chocolate instead.


If happy hour just isn’t the same without salt and lime, go for a vodka tonic with a lime garnish and pass on the classic margarita and the 750 calories it masks.

Bottled Fruit Juice Beverages

Don’t misread the labels. Fruit “cocktail,” “concentrate,” and “beverage” are not the same as what’s fresh-squeezed from an orange. Bottled fruit juices, especially the type on the grocery store shelf that don’t require refrigeration, are loaded with sugar. Pass on the “juice beverage” and just go eat the orange.

Specialty Coffee

A double caramel Frappuccino with whip cream on top sure sounds good, but it’s really nothing more than a milkshake with a slight coffee flavor. You’ll suck down more than 400 calories with one of these specialty coffee drinks.

Energy Drinks

Sugar, sugar, and one more helping of sugar fills many energy drinks. Not only are these cans full of empty calories, but they’ll also leave you with one big headache when your sugar level bottoms out.


Soda has been linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, a higher risk of cancer and obesity. The sugar can cause major fluctuations in your blood sugar levels and is quick to pack on the pounds around your waistline. Go for a sparkling water and skip the soda.

Don’t forget to check the ingredients and nutrition labels for beverages throughout your weight loss journey. Even beverages sold as “healthy” options – like sports juices – can hide sugar and unnatural ingredients.