Fun Weight Loss Ideas To Meet Your Goals

Fun weight loss ideasWhat happened to the days when we had the energy to run for hours, smelling fresh-baked cookies didn’t go straight to the hips, and we would rather keep playing than stop for a meal? Fun weight loss exercises are still possible! The carefree days of being a kid (and the ability to lose weight) don’t have to be lost to age.

Lose Weight Like A Kid

The idea that exercise requires a two-hour a day dedication to the gym couldn’t be further from the truth. When your body is in motion, you’re being active. From cleaning the house to playing with the kids, it all counts as exercise. If you’re looking for a gym-free way to burn a few calories or just get your body moving, try our fun kid activities to get you fit.

  • Hula-hooping: No one’s watching, I promise! It’s a challenge keeping the hoop around your waist, but it’s also tons of fun trying. When you need a break from circling your hips, try the hula-hoop on one arm, then switch.
  • Playing tag: Get the kids involved with this one and head to the back yard.
  • Toss a ball: A basketball or just a rubber ball will work. Throw it back-and-forth with a workout buddy or the kids. If you’re solo, give basketball a try – just 30 minutes of play can burn 200 calories.
  • Water balloon toss: Give this summer game a try. Fill up several water balloons and grab a few friends (totally acceptable if they’re all under the age of 12). Everyone grabs one water balloon and creates a circle around the bucket. Bend down and take three hops, then toss your balloon at the person across from you. The goal is to catch the balloon being thrown so you don’t get wet. Repeat the hops and toss as quickly as possible and grab a new balloon from the bucket when one bursts.

You don’t have to be a kid to play like one, and these awesome kid games will help you slim down  – no gym membership required.