Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Avoid holiday weight gain

It turns out the holiday pies and eggnog may not be the only factors that play into holiday weight gain. Stress over gift giving, visiting in-laws, and getting to all the holiday parties also play a role. The good news? Research shows holiday weight gain isn’t as bad as we once expected.

Holiday Weight Gain

Research from Cornell University and scientists in Finland and France, reveal that the average weight gain during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday celebration is only 1.3 pounds, not the seven to 10 we’ve been led to believe.

Another study from Texas Tech reveals the average person gains about 1.5 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. While just under three pounds that isn’t a significant weight gain, research shows it takes most people nearly five months to get back to their pre-holiday weight.

Maintain Weight During Holidays

If we can be real for just a moment – trying to lose weight during the holiday season is not for the weak hearted (or Christmas cookie lovers), but maintaining your weight is a strong goal that can help you kick off the New Year right. There are some simple steps you can take to maintain your weight during the holidays and avoid that three-pound set back.

  • Fill up before you go out. Before a holiday party or dinner with friends, snack on healthy options at home so you won’t be tempted to fill your plate with high-calorie hors d’oeuvres.
  • If you eat it, write it down. Keeping track of what you eat throughout the day with a food journal adds awareness to the in-between meal snacking and meal portions.
  • Prepare your work space. Something happens in nearly every office when the calendar hits November 1. Suddenly everyone wants to bake, gift, and share their homemade treats. Keep your desk packed with healthy snacks to help curb the cravings.
  • Snack while you shop. Hitting the mall hungry can quickly lead to frothy coffee drinks and food-court lunch. Eat a healthy meal before hitting the sales and pack a few snacks (Fruit, meal shake, or protein bar).

While no one wants to head into the New Year with more weight to lose than expected, being aware of what you eat and staying active can help you maintain through the platters of cheese and chocolates. After all, the holidays are about family and making memories, not losing sleep over the scale.