5 Tips To Overcome A Weight Loss Plateau

Overcome A Weight Loss PlateauYou stopped drinking soda and started hitting the gym a few times a week and the pounds were falling off. Meal prep became a priority and you lost even more. Just when losing weight seemed manageable…you hit a weight loss plateau.

Now, no matter what you change or how hard you go on the treadmill, the weight refuses to budge. It’s confusing (not to mention a real knock to the confidence) when you hit a weight loss plateau. As you push on to lose the last 10, 15, or 20 pou


nds, here are some tips to keep in mind when you hit a weight loss plateau.

Reevaluate Your Caloric Intake

The caloric requirements your body had in the beginning of your journey aren’t the same now. As you lose weight, your body needs less fuel to run efficiently, so adjust your calories to match your current weight.

Go All Natural

It’s time to cut out the processed foods (if you haven’t already). Give your body an overhaul of good-for-you veggies, fruits, and lean meats. Natural foods offer the nutrients you need to burn more calories.

Change Up Your Workouts

If the stationary bike has been your go-to at the gym for the past four months, trade in your cycling shoes and try an aerobics class or swimming. Rotate your exercise routine so your body doesn’t get complacent and use to the same activity level.

Build Muscle

Even if you include strength-training in your workout routine a couple days a week, increase the weight to build more muscle. Your muscles are the calorie eating machines inside your body and by increasing muscle, you’ll burn more calories.

Sleep To Overcome Weight Loss Plateau

Your body needs a full night’s rest to reset your hormones and prepare to lose weight. Sleep deprivation can cause increased stress levels, producing cortisol, the proponent behind added weight around your waistline.

Your weight loss journey does not end because you reach a plateau. Shake up your body with these tips and you’ll not only reach your weight loss goal, you’ll have the tools to maintain the loss.