How To Make A Salad Without Lettuce

What’s the first food that comes to your mind when you hear the word “diet”? Right. Salad. Mounds and mounds of salad. There’s only so many ways to prep mixed greens before you’re burned out, so why not try a salad without lettuce?

Toss out the lettuce and make a salad you actually want to eat (and one that’s still healthy). Check out these ideas for inspiration.

Salad Without Lettuce Ideas

Nearly any non-starchy vegetable can replace lettuce, so a quick trip down your produce isle should give you some ideas. Try some of these ingredients to create a salad without lettuce.

  • Spiralized veggies: Turn zucchini, carrots, or cucumbers into your salad base by using a grater or spiralizer to create thin, crispy curls.
  • Broccoli slaw: A bag of broccoli slaw is pretty inexpensive and makes prep work for salad without lettuce quite easy. The slaw can be dry, so prep it ahead of time by mixing with a pre-measured amount of dressing and leaving in the refrigerator for the day.
  • Diced veggies: The veggies that you typically use as salad toppings – cucumbers, onions, peppers, and tomatoes – can be diced into small pieces to create the salad bed. For a Southwest flavor, add in roasted corn and jalapeños then top with cilantro lime dressing.
  • Quinoa: Make your salad heartier with quinoa as your lettuce replacement. Top your quinoa salad with baby heirloom tomatoes, asparagus pieces, chickpeas, and sliced zucchini (try it grilled for added flavor).

While finding new ways to enjoy veggies can keep your diet interesting, woman (nor man) can live off salad alone, even if it doesn’t have lettuce. Incorporating a balanced meal plan with protein-filled breakfasts, tasty snacks, and hearty soups helps supplement your new found salad recipes. Partner with your weight loss coach to create a meal plan that meets your needs.