Why Sitting All Day Is Slowly Killing You

Sitting All Day Is Slowly Killing YouIf you’re sitting down at a desk as you read this, you join 86 percent of Americans who stay seated all day at work. Staying in that position for six hours or more increases your risk of dying from serious illnesses, like cancer.

Evidence from the American Cancer Society shows women are at higher risk, with 37 percent facing a greater chance of death compared to those who spend less than three hours on their bums. Sitting down too much puts you at a higher risk for:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Shorter life span

Sitting down at a desk isn’t the only challenge. Melting into the sofa for a weekend Netflix binge or regularly sitting in a car or plane for constant travel is just as dangerous.

What Is The Sitting Disease?

Sitting for long periods disrupts your blood flow because your muscles aren’t contracting. Insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance are reduced, increasing the amounts of fat in the blood. When this happens, your chances of acquiring Type 2 diabetes greatly increase.

Break From Sitting Down At Work

To ward off diseases that can be created by constantly sitting, make a few changes at your cubicle.

  • Stand and stretch frequently
  • Walk to a coworker’s office rather than send an email
  • Use the stairs as opposed to the elevator
  • Use a break or portion of your lunch time to take a lap around your office building or a local park
  • Request a standing desk if possible to alternate standing and sitting

Avoid major health risks and give your desk chair a break by taking a short walk every few hours. Remember to load up on water (good for you and will force you to get up and walk) and if you pick up your phone to make a call or text, do it on the move to get in some extra steps.