Utilize Social Media Weight Loss Support 

Social media weight loss support will help you meet your goalYou’re nailing your workout sessions, diet is on track, and you’re seeing real changes in your body. Then, without warning, you hit a plateau or lose motivation. It’s time to bring in a social media weight loss support tool.

Sharing your journey on Facebook or Instagram instantly turns the social platforms into weight-loss tools. Seven out of 10 Americans use social media, so chances are you’re liking and sharing posts anyway.

Social Media Weight Loss Tool

If you’d rather avoid the, “Hi, I’m Sally. I’m trying to lose weight and curb an Oreo addiction,” post, use some of our creative ways to be encouraged and encourage others through social media.

  • Before & After Photos: Share your journey through photos. This will take courage, no doubt, but when you share your “before” photo with the virtual world, you’re sure to inspire someone else who’s facing the same battle. If you’re not yet comfortable posting directly to your feed, search for supportive weight loss group pages where you can share ideas and photos without uneasiness.
  • Awesome recipes: The recipe videos on Facebook are awesome. With a quick Facebook search of “videos about healthy recipes,” you get tons of ideas. Save them. Share them. Make them.
  • Plans that work: People are constantly searching social media for weight loss plans that work. When you find a food plan, weight loss coach, or gym class that gives you results – let people know.
  • Goals: Goals are not obtainable unless they’re measurable. Add a layer of accountability to your journey by sharing your goal with your social media groups. By the way, that goal doesn’t have to be a number on the scale. If you’re going for a particular size, mile time, or fast food free for a month – share it!
  • Inspirational quotes: Seeing a positive thought while scrolling through a feed of clickbait headlines and cat videos can really brighten someone’s day (even if it’s yours). Post a few of your favorite quotes or affirmations when you need a boost of assurance that you’re on the right path.

Use your Facebook and Instagram for more than tracking celebs. Document your weight loss progress and encourage some else along the way.