Can Staying Hydrated Help Me Lose Weight?

Stay hydrated to support your weight loss goals

The “rule” for how much water to drink daily to stay hydrated changes depending on the doctor you see or article you read. Eight glasses daily? Half your body weight multiplied by 5?

When we don’t drink enough water – and 75 percent of us don’t – our bodies become dehydrated. Water helps regulate your body temperature, moisturize your skin, and supports brain power and joint movement. Staying hydrated also works as a natural appetite suppressant.

How Much Water Should I Drink?

The amount of water you drink each day will differ from anyone else’s amount. Generally speaking, most women should try to get at least 72 ounces a day and men should shoot for 104, but there are different factors that could change those amounts. For example, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should drink more than average.

How Water Aids Weight Loss

Research varies on answering if eating late at night causes weight gain, but the focus of the question shouldn’t be when you eat, but rather, what you’re eating. It’s after dinner, you’re settling in on the couch, and you just want something to snack on, right? When’s the last time you got up for a plate of veggies? Right. It’s not happening, which is why concentrating on what you put into your body rather than the time you eat is more important.

Energy Increases When Hydrated

Inadequate amounts of water will leave you feeling sluggish throughout the day. You may even find it harder to concentrate at work when you’re dehydrated. It’s like living in a constant phase of the 2 p.m. lull. Water helps fuel our energy with nutrients so we’re alert and engaged. It’s also a good go-to before workouts for an extra boost of energy.

Staying hydrated supports weight loss when you partner it with a healthy diet and moderate activity. And, bonus, it’s one of the least expensive ways to stay healthy.