Polly’s Story- 81 and Healthy!

Polly is a vibrant 81 year old. Prior to coming to SoulScale, she was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure amongst other things. Her physician tried 3 different meds all of which led to hospitalizations. She was then faced with the ultimate decision to get to the root of her hypertension by losing 20-30 lbs instead of searching for a life-time med that she wouldn’t be allergic to.

At a visit with her physician to discuss her options, she noticed he had lost a significant amount of weight since her last visit with him. Polly continued to ask her doctor about what he was doing to lose weight. Polly’s doctor happened to be on SoulScale Weight Loss program and had been very successful. He gave her the information. Polly called same day and made an appointment for a consultation. Once she wants something, Polly is unstoppable.

She started her journey to a healthy life from inside out that same day. She lost 29.5 lbs of pure fat over less than 3 months. Her lab results after just 6 weeks of being on the program showed significant improvements in: cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting blood glucose, LDL’s, etc. Her Hypertension is significantly improved. Both her and her doctor are thrilled with the results. Currently she is on maintenance and continues to amaze us with her commitment to health.