How Music Can Help You Lose Weight

Listen to music to lose weightAs far as weight loss goes, there’s been no shortage of fad diets to try. From low carb to paleo, and low fat to keto, if it hits the internet, people will stand behind it. But when it comes to activity, does workout music make a difference?

While weight loss and general good health require you to be active, there may be a creative way to increase your weight loss with headphones. Music has the ability to release endorphins (which, by the way, help to reduce appetite and burn fat), so it’s time to make music work for you.

Does Workout Music Help Weight Loss?

The Journal of Exercise Physiology conducted a study that found people who exercise and listened to fast tempo music had a higher heart rate, increased body temperature, and increased respiratory rate. Want to know what else these music-moving people were doing? Burning more calories! An example of a “fast tempo” song used in the study was FloRida’s Low.

In addition to motivating you to move more rigorously, music has the ability to boost your mood – even while you’re on the treadmill. Music can release endorphins, the hormone that makes you feel good after dancing, laughing, exercise, or an exciting event. Bonus! The endorphins not only make you feel good, but they also aid in burning fat.

Workout Music And Your Waistline

Need another reason to pop on the headphones during your walk? Music can reduce cortisol levels, which helps target the stored fat in your mid-section. When you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol, causing fat to store around organs specifically in the abdomen. Crank up the up-tempo workout music to slow the production of cortisol.

Music is just one of many weight loss tools you should house in your arsenal. Sticking with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will help you complete the soundtrack of a healthy life.