5 Signs You’re Wasting Time At The Gym

wasted gym timeRoughly 80 percent of people who have a gym membership don’t actually go to the gym. So it’s pretty easy to believe that those who do show up are getting in a hardcore gym workout. But, that’s not the case. There are several reasons – other than a good sweat session – people go to the gym.

Time-wasting mistakes at the gym

Here’s how to tell if you’re wasting your time (and money) even if you show up.

  • No game plan: If you show up to the gym and aren’t aware of what your body needs for the day, you’ll spend more time deciding which machine to use rather than using it. Create a workout routine and familiarize yourself with the equipment before you jump into a membership.
  • No intensity: We’re not saying it takes three hours a day to achieve your goals, but put some pep in your step when you hit the gym. Your heart rate should increase and it’s ok (and recommended) to get a little sweat going.
  • Resting too long: The idea behind making the gym productive is keeping your muscles moving. If you rest too long between sessions, your body can recover, and the workout is less impactful.
  • Social butterfly: Workout partners are great. In fact, studies show those who workout with a buddy are more likely to stick to the program, but you must choose the right partner. If your gym time is more about catching up while taking a leisurely stroll on the treadmill, you’re not going to get results. Partner with someone who will push you to go beyond your comfort level. Kansas State University research reveals that people who exercise with someone they think is more fit increases their workout time and intensity by 200 percent.
  • Avoiding the workout area: So many gyms today are equipped with amenities that make it easy to avoid the treadmill. Tanning sessions, massage tables, and a juice bar make the gym more of a relaxation session than a workout. Go in and complete the work you set out to do.

The next time you head into the gym, take note of how you perform (or don’t) and make some changes. You’re paying for the membership, so get the most out of it.