Best Exercise Weight Loss Routine In 3 Steps

BesExercise Weight Loss Routine

When you commit your time and energy to an exercise weight loss routine, you want the fastest results possible. Building a workout that offers maximum results in the least amount of time is the goal, so these are the exercises you’ll want to incorporate into your regimen.


By cardio, I don’t mean marathon runner. A brisk walk is enough to increase your heart rate and elevate your metabolism and invite your body to burn more calories even when you’re not in motion. If walking isn’t your ideal exercise weight loss routine, give biking, hiking, or swimming a try. When you’re comfortable with your cardio level and want to increase the effort, insert intervals into your workout. As you walk, interject a 30-second burst of running every five minutes. You’ll increase your metabolism during the workout, and the fat-burning time will last even longer.


Cardio is important for heart health, but strength is used to build your muscles into calorie consuming tools. Include a weight training routine in your workout session two to three times weekly. Building strength doesn’t mean becoming bulky, or losing a feminine figure. You’re building lean, tone muscle that highlights the hard work of your exercise weight loss routine, and don’t worry if you don’t understand all the machines at the gym. There are several body-weight moves you can do (at the office or in your living room) to tone up:

  • Pushups: Strengthens chest, shoulders, arms, and abs
  • Crunches or planks: Abs are the focus whether you crunch up or hold a plank
  • Curl: A couple of bottles of water or canned food will work perfectly for a few sets of curls
  • Squat: Sculpted, firm thighs and butt are the result of consistent squats
  • Lunges: Target nearly every muscle in your legs with alternating lunges. Spice it up by holding a water bottle in each hand


Yoga is a great follow-up to your strength training days as the poses stretch your muscles and help increase your flexibility. While yoga isn’t considered aerobic exercise, there are classes – like hot yoga – that will certainly make you sweat.

A combination of these three types of exercise gives your body and mind balance. Your muscles, heart, and joints all work together to create a functioning system, so it makes sense to dedicate time to each of them.