Does Caffeine Aid Weight Loss?

Caffeine weight lossCaffeine can temporarily boost weight loss but don’t depend on it to help you keep the weight off. Most of us – about 90 percent – consume caffeine in some form or another every single day. It’s an ingredient used in drinks, goods, and supplements for a number of reasons. The morning cup of joe helps jolt us into action, but caffeine works in two specific ways when it comes to weight loss.

How caffeine affects weight

Research on weight loss caused or aided by caffeine isn’t conclusive, but experts say there are two main reasons the ingredient may affect weight.

  • Suppresses appetite: Caffeine has the power to lower your hunger cravings for a short amount of time. Eating less throughout the day can result in weight loss.
  • Burns calories: Even when you’re resting, caffeine has been linked to burning energy (calories). Caffeine stimulates thermogenesis, which produces heat and energy inside your body.

While caffeine in small doses can have a positive impact on your energy and mood, everyone’s body reacts differently to the stimulant. Your diet, size, and activity level will all factor into how your body uses caffeine, which means weight loss is far from a guarantee.

 Long term affect from caffeine

While your caffeine intake may help drop a couple of pounds, it’s not nearly as promising for helping you keep the weight off. A weight loss maintenance plan can support you in ways far beyond what your morning cup of coffee can do.

The more you consume caffeine, the less of an affect it has on your body. You’ve noticed this, right? You started off drinking a single cup of tea each morning. Now you’re up to one tea, a cup of coffee and a midday espresso to fight off the 2 p.m. lull. It’s the same concept for weight loss. You’re body needs more caffeine to act as an appetite suppressant or burn calories. The more you consume, the more your body needs.

Caffeine has the power to support weight loss but using it as a maintenance plan will only land you back where you started. Partner with a weight loss program you trust and build a plan to keep the weight off.