7 Motivational Tools To Hit Goal Weight

Hit goal weightSetting a goal weight can be intimidating, and keeping it off? The very thought can throw some people off before they even get started. But, we know that a healthy weight is ideal for far more reasons than a number on the scale.

Your health, longevity, ability to be active with your family and self confidence are just a few of the factors affected when you take action toward managing your weight. Sticking to your plan for the long haul will require some motivational tools.

Weight Loss Motivation

For the days you need a boost of “can do” attitude, try our weight loss motivation tools.

  1. Workout with a friend. Research shows people who workout with a partner, exercise harder and longer then if they go out it alone.
  2. Set specific goals. When you write down your goals, you manifest what you want to happen in the future. Steer clear of focusing on a number or size. Instead, shoot for goals like completing a 5K race, signing up for a new dance class, or trying Pilates.
  3. Reward yourself at certain milestones. Don’t wait until you’ve completed your entire goal to reap the benefits. Schedule a massage or grab a new sweater. Rewards help you stay motivated throughout your journey.
  4. Don’t wait to live life. We often become focused on what we will do once we meet our weight loss goal. Don’t stop living – take the vacation, go to the high school reunion, or visit an old friend.
  5. Get real with yourself. Once you set your goal, commit to meeting it. If that means you need to reevaluate your daily habits, what you eat, or your activity level, it’s time to do it now. A little tough love will help you reach your goal.
  6. Get competitive. Check with your gym to see if they have any fitness challenges you can join. If not, there are a number of online resources to allow you to connect with others who want to lose or maintain their weight with a little competition.
  7. Use social media. You’re going to scroll through your Facebook feed anyway, so why not use it to help you stay on track with losing weight? Check out our ways to use social media to help you lose weight.

Maintain Goal Weight

Staying motivated to lose weight means you’ll want to try several different options. If the first method doesn’t keep you on track, move on to something new. Partner with a friend for great workouts, reward yourself when you meet milestones, and don’t be afraid of a little tough love to help you meet your weight loss goal.