3 motivating podcasts you should listen to

Motivating podcastsWeight loss and maintenance are a journey. Positive influences like a fitness partner or dietitian keep you motivated while you’re at the gym or learning the benefits of kale, but what about the other times?

Motivational Podcasts That Inspire

Some days are just hard. When you lack the inspiration to focus on your journey, turn to motivating podcasts. Remind yourself what the best version of you looks like with an inspirational boost to keep going. Whether you’re on the way to work or popping in your ear buds for an evening walk, these are the motivating podcasts you need to hear.

Food Heaven Made Easy

Best friends and hosts of the Food Heaven Made Easy podcast Wendy and Jess are both Registered Dietitians with master’s degrees in nutrition. While they know the science behind healthy eating, they present it in an entertaining and funny way. If it’s about food, nutrition, or daily life – it’s on this podcast. You’ll get great ideas, inspiration to try new things and laugh along the way.

The Life Coach School

When your need for inspiration goes beyond weight management, The Life Coach School is an excellent place to start. This weekly podcast was created by Brooke and Chris Castillo. Each audio edition will open your eyes to issues like why you’re not taking action when you know it’s needed or how to be your own best life coach.  If you need practical motivation, turn here.

Nutrition Diva: Quick and Dirty Tips

Get your food and nutrition motivation in bite size pieces. The Nutrition Diva: Quick and Dirty Tips podcast is just 10 minutes. Each podcast delivers answers to your most common food questions. Is butter a healthy fat? Does fasting work? How do I increase my fiber intake? Podcast host Monica Reinagel helps you stop worrying about food and spending more time enjoying it.

Stop going through the daily grind on your own. Partner with a proven weight loss system and point your smartphone toward these three motivational podcasts to stay on track mentally and physically.